Talisman cherry blossom and pink sapphire

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The chain is steel with 18k gilding.

The cherry blossom is a symbol of transience and purity. From its juicy crimson berries to the delicate silk flower, the glow of the cherry is imbued with magic, mystery and mythology!

In Japan, countless songs, literary works and legends are dedicated to the cherry blossom. Across Japan, the cherry tree or “Sakura” represents good luck, new beginnings and rebirth. Folklore says that when the spirits of Sakura release their beautiful scent in the spring, their gift of beauty and elegance should be truly celebrated!
Unfortunately, cherry blossoms bloom only once a year and their delicate, pale petals surround us for a short time.

It indicates to us that life is fleeting and that we should always, at every moment, find beauty and purpose within ourselves.

This beautiful tree is not only a feast for the senses, but it has a rich and living history.


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Cherry blossom
Pink Sapphire
  • Pinks sapphire acts as a magnet that attracts everything you need to progress.
  • teaches you how to control emotions, clearing emotional blockages
  • brings peace and love

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