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Circle – a symbol of perfection, the absence of distinction and division. The circular motion is perfect, unchanging, without beginning and end and without deviation: that is why it symbolizes time.

The circle also represents the cosmic sky; a symbol of the spiritual, invisible and transcendent world. In Zen Buddhism, drawings of concentric circles are often encountered, which symbolize the last stage of inner perfection, the achieved harmony of spirit. In Christian iconography, the motif of a circle symbolizes eternity; the three connected circles represent the trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. For the Indians, the circle is a symbol of time, because the day, night and the moon are circles above the world, and the time of year the circle is around the edge of the world. The Celts have a magical function and value. Kukulon engraves an inscription in Ogham letters on a wooden circle to stop the Irish army attacking Ulster.
For them, it represents the magical limit of the insurmountable.
As a form that envelops it, it is also a symbol of protection and has been used for centuries as a talisman of protection – a defensive belt for individuals but also entire cities, temples … in order to prevent enemies, wandering souls and demons from penetrating. We are born in a circle, we live in a circle and it protects us.


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Personal jewelry and accessories

Rose quartz
Black Pearl
Green tourmaline
  • A stone that provides power, wealth and protection
  • It protects those who wear it from bad influences and diseases
  • It is a symbol of a fiery heart, life energy and endless love
  • It connects the spiritual and the material
  • It is considered a stone for setting and achieving life goals
  • It brings positivity of thought, enthusiasm, strengthens persistence and perseverance
  • A lunar symbol, it represents a woman’s creative energy
  • A symbol of cosmic unity and merging of separated elements into one whole
  • It signifies beauty, love, happiness and abundance
  • The pearl offers power, money, protection, love and happiness
  • gives wisdom through experience to speed up the laws of karma
  • strengthens love relationships
  • a stone of unconditional love and peace
  • the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra
  • purifies and opens the heart on all levels
  • brings deep inner healing and self-love
  • attracts love
  • it restores trust and harmony in existing relationships
  • it gently draws out negative energy and replaces it with the vibrations of love
  • strengthens empathy and sensitivity
  • a highly mystical stone protector
  • light bearer
  • it raises consciousness and connects with the energies of the universe
  • creates a barrier to negative energy
  • stimulates intuition and the extrasensory gift
  • brings messages from the unconscious mind to the surface
  • strengthens faith in oneself and the universe
  • fills the imagination with energy
  • it crosses intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom
  • talisman goddess
  • brings light, heals, supports visualization
  • opens the heart chakra, awakens compassion, gentleness, patience
  • it brings balance, the joy of living
  • transforms negative energy into positive
  • directs towards progress, abundance
  • overcomes problems with father figures
  • improves sleep, calms the mind
  • calms claustrophobia, panic attacks
  • helps set goals

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