Moon stone necklace

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Moonstone is used for love, divination, dream, protection, growth, intuition, New Beginning… Extremely protective stone.
Some believe that the moonstone brings good luck and success in love. The stone of happiness, the moonstone, can improve intuition, inspiration and protect the person who wears it.
It is said to be the strongest during the full moon.
Folk beliefs say that if a lover gets a moon necklace during a full moon, the relationship will always have passion. In Arab countries, some women sew the moonstone on their clothes because they believe it brings fertility.


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Moon stone
  • it is used for love, divination, sleep, protection, growth, intuition, a new beginning
  • can improve intuition and inspiration
  • protects the person wearing it
  • it is said to be strongest during a full moon
  • it is believed to bring fertility

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