Moon crown

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The crown represents power, honor, eternity and triumph.

It has been used since ancient times as a symbol of perfection and sublimity that connects the bearer with the gods and higher energies. It was worn by all those who represented light, power and superiority.

Decorated with crystals, it also possessed their magical properties, which gave the wearer the necessary strength and attracted good luck.


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Personal jewelry and accessories

Rose quartz
Clear quartz
Blue aura quartz
  • Clear quartz is the most powerful energetic and healing stone
  • It has the ability to accept the energy of other crystals and therefore can replace all others
  • He is a perfect energy manager, has the ability to transmit and receive energy
  • A crystal that vibrates at the level of your desire, amplifies the energy and intention with which it is programmed
  • Intensifies healing and spiritual development
  • It balances, calms and continues to provide a better insight into what to focus on
  • It harmonizes all the chakras, leads to the improvement of the general harmony of the organism and fills us with life energy
  • a stone of unconditional love and peace
  • the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra
  • purifies and opens the heart on all levels
  • it brings deep inner healing and self-love
  • attracts love
  • it restores trust and harmony in existing relationships
  • it gently draws out negative energy and replaces it with the vibrations of love
  • strengthens empathy and sensitivity
  • Blue aura quartz is a stone of success
  • brings prosperity
  • it helps us to see the truth and be guided by it
  • amplifies telepathic powers
  • enhances the power of energy healing.

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