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Almost 15 million years ago, when a large meteor fell on our planet, a strong Moldavite crystal was born.

Imbued with many mysteries, legends and myths thousands of years back, it intrigues and is considered one of the strongest crystals of mystical powers. Scientists describe it as a type of obsidian (molten lava) ejected by a “moon volcano”.

However, the legends have a completely different story …


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Moldavite Citrine
Moldavite Labradorite
  • One of the many myths associated with this crystal is precisely the myth of the Holy Grail, which is believed to contain miraculous powers and that whoever drinks from it becomes immortal. It is part of the legend of King Arthur, described in various forms in medieval literature, and combines Christian and Celtic – pagan traditions.
  • When Lucifer was expelled from paradise, Archangel Michael swung his sword (which is otherwise believed to be made of kyanite) and knocked down Lucifer’s crown from which a celestial emerald fell, a magical stone known today as Moldavite, which fell to the ground on that occasion. This legendary stone represents the fall of humanity, but also its redemption. When he fell to the ground, it is believed that one of the angels made the Holy Grail from him, from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper.
  • When all the stories come together, we come to interesting findings that the Stone, which was practiced by magicians and scientists, is exactly the “magnum opus” and that it is the stone of wisdom that alchemists have been trying to make for years.
  • He represents the child of the father of heaven and the mother of the earth, he keeps the blood of the holy child in the form of Jesus Christ, but also the blood of Lucifer and Diana in the form of their daughter Aradia. The sublime heart of wizards and witches, the center of higher and lower energies, the power of the gods.
  • Seeing Moldavite as a powerful object of spirituality is not modern, but as old as humanity itself …

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