Herkimer diamond silver necklace

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The name of the diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas” which symbolically means invincible.

He is the hardest known natural matter in the universe. It forms along the earth’s crust and appears on the surface due to volcanic eruptions.

Its light can help you bring your life into a unified whole. It strengthens ties, bringing love – that is why it is considered a sign of commitment and fidelity.
The diamond has been a symbol of wealth for thousands of years. It is one of the few crystals that never needs refilling. It increases the energy of everything it comes in contact with.


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Herkimer diamond
  • Herkimer diamond fills with energy, revives and encourages creativity.
  • It is a powerful crystal for alignment, stimulates spiritual abilities by purifying the chakras and opening channels for better energy flow.
  • it is associated with leadership from higher dimensions
  • it helps you remember dreams and understand them.
  • stimulates conscious alignment with the highest spiritual levels and with your personal potential.
  • It purifies the chakras and opens the channels for spiritual energy to flow.
  • It can be used to gain information about past lives, so that you can recognize blockages or resistance in your spiritual development.
  • Activates the light body.

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