Guardian Angel talisman

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“We are not alone. The world is being transformed and we are part of that transformation. Angels guide and protect us. Despite all the injustices, despite the things we didn’t deserve and are happening to us, despite feeling powerless to change what is wrong with us and the world, despite all the brilliant arguments of the Grand Inquisitor – Love is still stronger and will help us grow and to evolve. And only then will we be able to understand the stars, angels and miracles. “– Paulo Coelho

Angels are mediators between God and the world, and are mentioned in various forms in Akkadian, Ugaritic, Biblical, and other texts… They are either fully spiritual beings or spirits of the etheric and translucent body; I can get the exterior from people. They represent messengers, guardians, star guides, law enforcers, protectors…

As for the approval of the angels, these talismans were completed exactly at 11:11


Production deadline is 5-10 working days from the date of ordering.
The appearance of the final product may vary in relation to the product in the picture because it is handmade jewelry.


Rose quartz
Angel aura quartz
Rutile quartz
  • a stone of unconditional love and peace
  • the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra
  • purifies and opens the heart on all levels
  • it brings deep inner healing and self-love
  • attracts love
  • it restores trust and harmony in existing relationships
  • it gently draws out negative energy and replaces it with the vibrations of love
  • strengthens empathy and sensitivity
  • fosters creativity and focus on what matters
  • relieves depression and loneliness
  • slows down the aging process
  • attracts love and brings stability to the relationship.
  • Rutile quartz purifies the aura and fills it with energy.
  • Useful for therapists and sensitive people
  • filters negative energy from clients.
  • Suitable for the protection of people who get involved in other people’s problems.
  • helps with meditation
  • facilitates conscious contact with Angels, spiritual guides, and our inner voice
  • helps to equalize the spirit, psyche and astral plane
  • used to evoke visions

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Weight100 g
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