Goddess talisman

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Talismani za jačanje intuicije, karmičkih veza, povratka u prošle živote i uspostavljanje harmonije solarnog pleksusa i trećeg oka.

Koja je tvoja Boginja?


Rok izrade je 5-10 radnih dana od datuma poručivanja.
Izgled konačnog proizvoda može sadržati manje razlike u odnosu na proizvod sa slike jer su u pitanju ručno rađeni komadi nakita.









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Psilomelane dendrite
Lapis Lazuli
Gorski kristal
Psilomelane dendrite
Lapis Lazuli
  • Psilomelane Dendrite  is all about magic and boosting your intuition.
  • You can also use it for past life recall.
  • Additionally, this stone is great for connecting with the elementals, making psychic connections, and allowing you to peer between the veils and dimensions;
  • allowing you to make connections with the spirit world, pulling back the veil so you can see what’s going on in those other dimensions
  • The Lapis Lazuli crystal stone is connected to solar energy with its golden inclusions of Pyrite, which helps balance the solar plexus chakra and the third eye chakra.
  • When these two energy centers are in harmony, it merges your personal desires with divine will.
  • Integrating the Lapis Lazuli crystal stone meaning into your daily life will empower you to shine your light into the world with confidence and authenticity.
  • Clear quartz is the most powerful energetic and healing stone
  • It has the ability to accept the energy of other crystals and therefore can replace all others
  • He is a perfect energy manager, has the ability to transmit and receive energy
  • A crystal that vibrates at the level of your desire, amplifies the energy and intention with which it is programmed
  • Intensifies healing and spiritual development
  • It balances, calms and continues to provide a better insight into what to focus on
  • It harmonizes all the chakras, leads to the improvement of the general harmony of the organism and fills us with life energy

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