Forest magic wand with angel aura quartz

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The magic wand is a symbol of power, strength, clairvoyance, spiritual and worldly dignity.

It is a tool of focus and empowerment intended to help the user to manifest his desires and intentions. Crystals amplify the effect with their specific vibrations…

The energy of a mermaid, a forest, a water fairy… a shamanic prince / princess, a dragon… an angel combined with carefully selected crystals, ancient symbols we create a magic wand with a certain vibration that is created according to your wishes and needs.


Production deadline is 5-10 working days from the date of ordering.
The appearance of the final product may vary in relation to the product in the picture because it is handmade jewelry.

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Clear quartz
Angel aura quartz
  • vibrates at the level of your desire
  • it enhances the energy and intent with which it is programmed
  • accelerates the achievement of desired goals
  • intensifies healing and spiritual development
  • has the ability to amplify positive things
  • it balances, calms and gives us a better insight into what we need to focus on
  • a highly mystical stone protector
  • light bearer
  • it raises consciousness and connects with the energies of the universe
  • creates a barrier to negative energy
  • stimulates intuition and the extrasensory gift
  • brings messages from the unconscious mind to the surface
  • strengthens faith in oneself and the universe
  • fills the imagination with energy
  • it crosses intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom
  • The pearl is a lunar symbol
  • represents the female creative energy
  • According to legend, it is born when lightning flashes or when a drop of dew falls on a shell
  • A pearl is fire and water, an image of a spirit born in matter.
  • Since it is associated with the element ~ water ~, dragons keep it at the bottom of the abyss.
  • brings prosperity, business success and happiness
  • crystal visionary
  • a source of high frequencies that can enhance wealth, health and joy
  • The name peridot comes from the Greek word “peridona” which means stone that gives abundance
  • It helps the emotional balance and healing of old love wounds.
  • It opens the way to one’s own heart and heals the injured ego.
  • Peridot also brings money.
  • Because of the sun’s energy in itself, the peridot makes its wearer a happy, sociable and cordial person.
  • helps in meditation, facilitates conscious contact with Angels, spiritual guides and our inner voice
  • helps to equalize the spirit, psyche and astral plane
  • the quartz of the angelic aura reflects the whole spectrum of light, which has a beneficial effect on all chakras
  • it is useful for healing on all levels
  • it raises awareness and helps the individual to perceive beauty inside and outside of themselves
  • the crystal encourages the remembrance of past lives and helps in gaining insight into one’s spiritual missions in this life
  • it is good for anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, as well as in reiki treatments
  • be kind and all that is good in us, forgiveness, serenity, a sense of security

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Kristali / Crystals

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