‘Forest fairy key’ talisman

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The symbolism of the key is reflected in its dual role; it opens and closes. He is a symbol of enlightenment and discovery. Christ gave Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

God Janus – the guide of souls, with a stick in his right hand and a key in his left, guarded all the doors and guided all the paths.
In Japan, the key is a symbol of progress because it opens pantries where rice is stored.
The keys have a masculine and feminine principle. The long body of the key represents the masculine principle while the round part represents the feminine. Combined in a ‘key’ they give the unity of two strong forces. In Germanic and Celtic cultures, it was believed that a key placed in a baby’s cradle prevented evil fairies from harming it.

The key is an ancient symbol of knowledge and authority.
In mythology, it represents the power to bestow or forbid entry into the underworld and other worlds. It means enlightenment, magical powers, knowledge of reincarnation and the travels of the soul.


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Personal jewelry and accessories

Clear quartz
  • a highly mystical stone protector
  • light bearer
  • it raises consciousness and connects with the energies of the universe
  • creates a barrier to negative energy
  • stimulates intuition and the extrasensory gift
  • brings messages from the unconscious mind to the surface
  • strengthens faith in oneself and the universe
  • fills the imagination with energy
  • it crosses intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom
  • a powerful purifier
  • it carries the power of the Sun, warms, replenishes energy and is very creative
  • it is one of the crystals that never needs cleaning
  • protects against negative energy
  • cleanses the chakras, especially the solar plexus chakra and the umbilical
  • activates the crown chakra and opens intuition
  • this stone teaches how to discover and attract wealth and progress, success and all good things
  • Clear quartz is the most powerful energetic and healing stone
  • It has the ability to accept the energy of other crystals and therefore can replace all others
  • He is a perfect energy manager, has the ability to transmit and receive energy
  • The crystal that vibrates at the level of your desire, amplifies the energy and intention with which it is programmed
  • Intensifies healing and spiritual development
  • It balances, calms and continues to provide a better insight into what to focus on
  • It harmonizes all the chakras, leads to the improvement of the general harmony of the organism and fills us with life energy

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