Forest Angel Talisman

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Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind. Their leaves tell secrets …

Garnet is a crystal of health, passion and energy. It ensures that energy flows smoothly through your body, dissolving all energy blockages. It also helps you feel strong, safe and secure.

An Inuit legend says that the lights of the North fell from the sky a long time ago and remained trapped in certain rocks on the Labrador coast. One day, an Inuit warrior came to these rocks and tried to free the Northern Lights. He managed to release most of the light with the blows from the spear, but some of them were still trapped in the rocks. Captured Northern Light is what we know today as Labradorite in its brilliant, flashing light and color.


Production deadline is 5-10 working days from the date of ordering.
The appearance of the final product may vary in relation to the product in the picture because it is handmade jewelry.

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  • a highly mystical stone protector
  • light bearer
  • it raises consciousness and connects with the energies of the universe
  • creates a barrier to negative energy
  • stimulates intuition and the extrasensory gift
  • brings messages from the unconscious mind to the surface
  • strengthens faith in oneself and the universe
  • fills the imagination with energy
  • it crosses intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom
  • dissolves energy blockages
  • it helps you feel safe and secure
  • full of energy and regenerates
  • purifies and replenishes with chakra energy
  • revitalizes, purifies and balances energy
  • brings humility and passion

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