Encouraging word – Talisman

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What’s your word? The one that moves you, encourages you, gives you hope, calms you down … No matter how scary, challenging, confused everything seems … Go forward, breathe deeply and dream!

1. Forward – Strawberry quartz, garnet
2. Breathe – Clear quartz, Pearl
3. Dream – Aquamarine, Iolite


Production deadline is 5-10 working days from the date of ordering.
The appearance of the final product may vary in relation to the product in the picture because it is handmade jewelry.









Personal jewelry and accessories

Strawberry quartz
Clear quartz
  • A garnet is a stone that fills with energy
  • regenerates
  • purifies the chakras
  • has the ability to warn of impending danger
  • worn as a protective talisman
  • one of the most fertile crystals
  • balances the sex drive and eliminates negative disharmony
  • a stone of commitment that is good to have in a crisis
  • activates other crystals and enhances their action
  • it breaks down ingrained patterns of behavior that no longer serve you
  • it opens the heart and gives self-confidence
  • Clear quartz is the most powerful energetic and healing stone
  • It has the ability to accept the energy of other crystals and therefore can replace all others
  • He is a perfect energy manager, has the ability to transmit and receive energy
  • The crystal that vibrates at the level of your desire, amplifies the energy and intention with which it is programmed
  • Intensifies healing and spiritual development
  • It balances, calms and continues to provide a better insight into what to focus on
  • It harmonizes all the chakras, leads to the improvement of the general harmony of the organism and fills us with life energy
  • The pearl offers power, money, protection, love and happiness
  • gives wisdom through experience to speed up the laws of karma
  • strengthens love relationships
  • sharpens intuition and allows clear vision
  • protects the aura and evens out the chakras,
  • purifies the throat chakra
  • brings communication from a higher level
  • reduces stress
  • calls for high levels of consciousness
  • he was respected as the protector of marriage
  • stone of sea goddesses, mermaids, sailors
  • a travel talisman
  • a stone of courage and invincibility
  • Iolite brings “clear vision”
  • opens the path of light from the throat chakra all the way to the crown chakra
  • provides simplicity, peace, vision.
  • Great for meditation and astral travel.
  • It helps us grow in a spiritual sense

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Weight150 g
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