Crystal roller Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli + Mint and lemon grass

The combination of essential oils and crystals produces a special vibration that has a calming and healing effect on our mind, body and spirit.

It is applied to the pulse points, behind the ears and neck.


Production deadline is 5-10 working days from the date of ordering.
The appearance of the final product may vary compared to the product in the picture because it is handmade.

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Lapis Lazuli
  • It is a symbol of nobility and teaches us the virtues of discretion, humanity and honor.
  • It was used as a talisman against the evil eye and accidents.
  • represents friendship, wisdom, love, and immortality.
  • It breaks through all barriers and helps us overcome unreasonable fear and insecurity.
  • It affects the throat chakra and helps to overcome emotional blockages, anxiety and the inability to express one’s own attitude.
  • It brings lasting qualities of sincerity and compassion.
  • It is used to attract good relationships and spiritual connection with a partner, it is also used to strengthen intuition and psyche.
  • Relieves headaches, calms the nervous system and acts against inflammation
    relieves depression.
  • mint headache relief
  • relieves cold and flu symptoms
  • eliminating exhaustion, mental and physical fatigue
  • refreshes, cools, revitalizes our whole being.
  • It encourages clear thinking, memory, improves concentration, elevates the spirit
  • Lemongrass has an antidepressant effect
  • it has a relaxing effect on the psyche
  • It repels mosquitoes
  • facilitates sleep and strengthens the immune system,
  • gives strength and energy

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