Crystal grids

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The crystal network consists of crystals, sacred geometry and the best intentions.

It creates a unique vibration that brings: love, peace, abundance, creativity, gratitude, healing, joy, progress … It is a harmonious blend of science, art, history and spirituality. It is the perfect balance of male and female energy, which helps to raise our vibration and consciousness.
Each pattern of sacred geometry has its own frequency and energy, and paired with crystals helps us to manifest our intentions into reality.


Production deadline is 5-10 working days from the date of ordering.
The appearance of the final product may vary in relation to the product in the picture because it is handmade jewelry.









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Crystal networks
It consists of 7 overlapping circles, plus an eighth that includes smaller circles.
It is a symbol of creation and growth that encourages creativity, growth, spiritual development and harmony.
One of the most magical and sacred numbers. The mystical symbolism of the number 7 can be found in all the great world civilizations and religions. In Japan, 7 gods bring good luck. In ancient times, the temples of the Mithraic mysteries had seven stages – symbolic gates.
There are 7 worlds in Hinduism; God created the world in 7 days; it is seven days a week; with the Egyptians 7 is a symbol of eternal life; 7 of God’s commandments; 7 wonders of the world; 7 notes in music; 7 chakras on the human body; 7 tones – waves that represent the basic law of the universe…
Hippocrates said: “Number 7, by its secret forces, keeps all things in existence. It enables life, movement and has an impact on all celestial bodies. ” The magic of number seven brings life, happiness, renewal, creation and perfection.

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