Crystal grid necklace with pink tourmaline

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Pink tourmaline, Black tourmaline, Garnet, Amethyst

The crystal network consists of crystals, sacred geometry and the best intentions.

It creates a unique vibration that brings: love, peace, abundance, creativity, gratitude, healing, joy, progress… It is a harmonious blend of science, art, history and spirituality.
It is the perfect balance of male and female energy, which helps to raise our vibration and consciousness.

Each pattern of sacred geometry has its own frequency and energy, and paired with crystals helps us to manifest our intentions into reality.


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Personal jewelry and accessories

Pink tourmaline
Black tourmaline
  • aphrodisiac
  • Pink tourmaline attracts love in the material and spiritual world
  • provides security in love
  • disperses emotional pain and old destructive feelings through the heart chakra, which it purifies,
  • encourage peace and relaxation
  • it connects you with wisdom, compassion and stimulates openness to healing energies.
  • stone protection
  • helps to break down energy blockages such as: anxiety, stress, confusion
  • great against other people’s negative energy
  • protects and repels anger, rage, jealousy
  • helps with grounding
  • balances and connects the chakras
  • helps you understand yourself and others
  • removes any sense of victimhood
  • attracts inspiration, tolerance, progress
  • Amethyst is a powerful stone protector, of high spiritual vibrations
  • protects from psychic attacks, transforming energy into love
  • natural sedative
  • blocks negative energy
  • it helps you feel more focused and in control of your responsibilities
  • fixes memory
  • facilitates the visualization process
  • it releases anger, rage and anxiety
  • A garnet is a stone that fills with energy
  • regenerates
  • purifies the chakras
  • has the ability to warn of impending danger
  • worn as a protective talisman
  • one of the most fertile crystals
  • balances the sex drive and eliminates negative disharmony
  • a stone of commitment that is good to have in a crisis
  • activates other crystals and enhances their action
  • it breaks down ingrained patterns of behavior that no longer serve you
  • it opens the heart and gives self-confidence

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