Cleaning set with clear quartz

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Palo Santo + Clear Quartz

How to use:

Light the fallen santa stick upside down towards the flame. Let it burn for 30.40 seconds then shake. Go through the house, work space or wherever you want to cleanse the negative energy. Incense around you to cleanse you of negativity.
The rich scent will bring peace, clarity with good and positive vibrations.

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Clear quartz
Palo Santo
  • vibrates at the level of your desire
  • it enhances the energy and intent with which it is programmed
  • accelerates the achievement of desired goals
  • intensifies healing and spiritual development
  • has the ability to amplify positive things
  • it balances, calms and gives us a better insight into what we need to focus on
  • Palo Santo is a mystical, sacred tree that grows on the coast of South America, akin to incense.
  • It is used to remove negative energy, cleanse the aura
  • Its scent raises the vibration and is great for preparing a space for prayer, meditation.
  • It is traditionally used to relieve symptoms: colds, flu, stress, anxiety, headaches, depression.
  • It gained its magical healing properties after the death but natural death of old trees that remain for another 4-10 years in
  • their natural habitat to complete the metamorphosis.

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