Citrine necklace with ruby

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Citrine is a stone of abundance. It teaches us how to discover and attract wealth, progress, success and all good things. The stone is of high vibrations, carries the power of the sun, warms, replenishes energy and opens creativity. He never needs cleaning.

According to Chinese legend, citrine is the main talisman of success because it increases the intellect and expands the mind by removing blockages and fears. Wearing a citrine spike brings a golden ray of spirit into the physical domain. .


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The appearance of the final product may vary in relation to the product in the picture because it is handmade jewelry.

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Personal jewelry and accessories

  • The stone of abundance – teaches us how to attract wealth, progress, success …
  • Settles family disagreements
  • It improves self-confidence and mood
  • Mentally boosts concentration and revitalizes the mind
  • It is great for overcoming depression, fears and phobias.
  • It absorbs, transforms, disperses and ground negative energy
  • It is able to cleanse the chakras
  • A lunar symbol, it represents a woman’s creative energy
  • A symbol of cosmic unity and merging of separated elements into one whole
  • It signifies beauty, love, happiness and abundance
  • The pearl offers power, money, protection, love and happiness
  • gives wisdom through experience to speed up the laws of karma
  • strengthens love relationships
  • A stone that provides power, wealth and protection
  • It protects those who wear it from bad influences and diseases
  • It is a symbol of a fiery heart, life energy and endless love
  • It connects the spiritual and the material
  • It is considered a stone for setting and achieving life goals
  • It brings positivity of thought, enthusiasm, strengthens persistence and perseverance

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Weight 100 g
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