Brass ring with clear quartz

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The moon is a cosmic symbol that encompasses all epochs, from ancient times to the present day. He is our unconscious self, unlike the sun which affects our conscious self.

It has long been associated with imagination, beauty, wisdom and dreams. The moon is the space between the light of the sun and the darkness of the night; a reflection of the sun that changes shape as it passes through the various me and accordingly it is a symbol of transformation and growth. It represents the stages of human development: the new moon, early childhood, the first half of youth, the full moon of maturity and pregnancy, the declining month of calm and sleep. The combination of the symbolism of the moon and the symbolism of the unconscious connects the night, the elements of water and earth with the properties of cold and humidity, while the symbolism of the sun and the conscious connects the day with the elements of air, fire and heat and dryness. The moon, like the sun, has a great influence on life on Earth.

As the ruler of water, he manages the tides, that is. tides, and since 80 percent of the human body is made up of water, the moon’s influence can be noticed on people through its effect on our feelings, intuition, dreams and subconscious. This influence is strongest in the phases of the new and full moon.


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Clear quartz
  • Clear quartz is the most powerful energetic and healing stone
  • It has the ability to accept the energy of other crystals and therefore can replace all others
  • He is a perfect energy manager, has the ability to transmit and receive energy
  • The crystal that vibrates at the level of your desire, amplifies the energy and intention with which it is programmed
  • Intensifies healing and spiritual development
  • It balances, calms and continues to provide a better insight into what to focus on
  • It harmonizes all the chakras, leads to the improvement of the general harmony of the organism and fills us with life energy

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