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Briefly about me …

I finished the cello department at the music school, secondary ballet school “Lujo Davico”, graduated from acting and became a mother.

I was writing for Sensa magazine for two years
about the vibration of the month that we are in and the magic wand with the crystal that corresponds to that period.

Within my brand, I organized many workshops that dealt with the use of crystals in everyday life, making crystal elixirs, workmanship of personal crowns, grids …

Art is my driving force and my creativity is a magical world.

I was fortunate to grow up in an environment where people from my immediate surroundings attach great importance to nature, customs and rituals. Various legends, myths and fairy tales could be heard in our society.
This is where my love for the “mystical” awakens and my love for crystals and magical creatures.

I spent a lot of time with my family on long walks in the woods, as well as summers in my grandmother’s cottage on the Danube banks . Even then, the seed of something was planted which, with great desire, work, dedication and love, reached the level of awakening and developed all that I am presenting you now.